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Read the topic about Black Clover Chapter 229 Discussion on BlackCloverManga, and join in the discussion. Not sure how to feel about a Timeskip incoming here but depending on what goes down afterwards this might just grow on me maybe,just hope their skips in power won't be too enormous but then again it is hard to gauge just how much they could grow in Six Months time so i'll just have to wait on what effect it'll have on me. Also depends on what their adversaries are actually capable of i guess,would've been nice to see what exactly happened between that Spade Mage and Diamond Kingdom. We know they clashed but as in,Magics used etc. to have some idea of what they're up against. The Princess being so well informed about the other nations is a bit surprising and also expected,what did surprise me is how Julius feared another nation would be destroying Clover in their current state and labelled Heart as a Neutral Nation yet he and the Princess seemed to have been getting along rather well and he himself seems to have been there before as well to duel with Gaja who he even acknowledges to be a fair match for him. That they are/were not an ally of Clover surprises me but who knows what kind of conditions such an alliance has for the Nations involved so fair enough really. I was surprised for the Princess to know about Yami and his Dark Magic in particular,she even judged him to be the only Clover Mage after Julius to be able to defeat a Devil which i found to be a bit of a stretch unless she only thinks his Magic itself is able to kill and wound a Devil because i feel like Yami himself still has room to grow which he definitely needs to grow into. He's strong for sure but Luck doesn't shy away from challenging him while with that nameless Spade Mage he did so and was very visibly scared of him. Anyway,i'm curious about what this timeskip will bring us and how much our Heroes will have changed after 6 Months of Training and Separation from home. Good or bad,i'll be looking forward to it!

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Read Black Clover Chapter 229 in English High Quality only at blackcloverchapter. You are reading Black Clover manga chapter 229 in English. Read Chapter 229 of Black Clover manga online on BCC for free. So in the end even the Heart Kingdom visit is all part of the intermission arc thats been going on. I wanted more Heart Kingdom exploration and plot, but now that we got a timeskip right in the Heart Kingdom, i feel like we wont see or learn anything more since the main focus now will be the war against the Spade Kingdom. Since Tabata said he wanted to write a lot more stories something along those lines, i was kinda hoping we would get like full on pretty long arcs for each of the remaining kingdoms, dividing the story into four big sagas like Clover Saga which we just finished, then Heart Saga, Diamond and for the end Spade Saga which would be the war. We can still get that, but it looks like Tabata wants to focus on the war against Spade.

So according to Julius, Diamond got dusted by Spade, and probably subjugated if their entire squad of captain class generals got their ass beat by a single Spade mage. And it looks like Clover and Heart are forming an alliance to take the initiative in the upcoming war. Clever move. And even more clever would be to send an army/team to restore Diamond so that they can join forces and make it a three-on-one. I am still waiting for Mars and his restoration plan. I do hope it will come into play after this timeskip. If the Diamond Kingdom got subjugated, i am interested to find out what became of Morris and his entire plot. I am assuming that an asshole like Morris would probably betray Diamond and join Spade so that he could gain total control over the kingdom. I feel like this should be the next arc after the timeskip, but we will see. I do hope we get some new designs and new abilities from the characters that stayed in Heart. I am especially happy that Mimosa and Finral gonna power-up even more. Also i am glad that Noelle is gonna train to refine and master her immense power, rather than just gaining the water spirit for some reason. She doesnt need the spirit imo, at least not right now. She already wields power on par with an elf, she only needs refinement and battle experience. Getting trained by a Spirit Guardian or even Loropechika herself would be enough for me.