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Read the topic about Black Clover Chapter 217 Discussion on BlackCloverManga, and join in the discussion. I'm really glad forbidden magic has been cleared up, because it was pretty damn confusing. So all forbidden magic comes from the other world and using it basically turns you into a demon as an side effect. Forbidden magic also mixes with one's inherent magic. Looks like we're going to learn more about it soon. We get more information on the other nations, which I enjoyed. It really looks like the series is prepping for a war with the Spade Kingdom seeing as how its implied they've gone all in with Forbidden magic and maybe mastered it. Heart Kingdom sounds interesting as well. I expect weird magic from them. I like the potential path this has taken. Using Asta as a scapegoat to save face. It shows an awareness of the Royals/Magic Council of the situation and they acknowledge that there were extenuating circumstances, but...they still want to keep face for the public. New guy looks interesting. Nobles are keeping more way more secrets than we thought of they are aware of Demons. Also looks like his magic lowers other mana, which allows him to control their actions. Maybe.

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Read Black Clover Chapter 217 in English High Quality only at blackcloverchapter. So as expected, with the possibility of invasion, they can't reveal what happen with the elves since it'll cause a lost of needed power. Nice to learn about the two other countries, especially Spade which apparently worships a demon. I'm betting they'll play a bigger role. And interesting that this new character is a part of the King's family. If sensing demon-possessions run in the family, perhaps this is how the Kira family replaced the Silvamillion family as rulers. It would tie into the story everyone believes about the giant demon if they had positioned themselves as demon hunters and took some of the credit.

Spade and Heart Kingdom are very interesting,the one nation is a big mystery to the World at large it seems and the nation itself appears to be neutral so the threat coming towards Clover would be the expanding Spade Kingdom that is apparently able to use and has mastered several kinds of forbidden Magic which we now learnt is always connected to the other Realm and essentially turns it's user into a Devil himself/herself. With Heart Kingdom being largely unknown i could see an Arc coming where some of the Clover Knights have to request an alliance with them in order to battle the Nation of Spade with their battle power,or just a discovery arc. Spade will be the nation to attack and i feel like they'll try and target Asta for his Forbidden Magic which should be nothing special in their Kingdom,at least in the way that it's forbidden Magic but Magic Negation should be a treat for any Kingdom to aid to its battle power. What i'm curious about now is who and how their Military is structured and if they have something similar to Magic Knights and Magic Emperor in their Country or are plain Wizards using Forbidden Spells. The Magic Congress taking action and judgement regarding the Elf Matter and Asta's Forbidden Magic sounded interesting as well,and seeing Damnatius appear showed us that House Kira is nothing to joke about either. His Magic could have a severe downside but it might as well be among the most incredible ones shown this far,we'll need more on that for sure. Looking forward to it as always!