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Read the topic about Black Clover Chapter 186 Discussion on BlackCloverManga, and join in the discussion. I never would have considered Luck's idea, that battle maniac actually has a pretty good head on his shoulders. I really liked how the got out because it makes sense given the laws that were setup in past chapters about Dorothy's magic. Also that two page spread on page twelve was glorious a real showing of artistic skill. Next chapter elf Dorothy either gets knocked out or one of her allies saves her either way the Black Bulls come together again and the fight begins again. How can I read this every week and still not get disappointed yet? Tabata is literally killing this arc its insane. Everything has been either surprising, hype, or great plot development. I seriously love this manga its such a great amalgamation of all the tropes I love with such an original flare to it.

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Download black clover chapter 186 you are reading black clover manga chapter 186 in english. Read chapter 186 of black clover manga online on blackcloverchapter for free. That was pretty clever of Luck. Maybe the elf soul made him smarter. then again, he seemed like one of those battlefield genius types. For me, Dorothy needed to go down this way. How else would they have won? There wasn't another way. Up until Luck's plan, it was all about escaping. And even then, he just wanted a distraction most likely.

It just went better than expected. Apparently two dream world magic-controlling minds clashing caused them to cancel out and destabilize the dimension. I doubt magic power had much to do with it. The real danger is that she can just activate the magic again and start from square one unless they kill her with the electro-fire bomb. But really, this is what to expect from those hax ability fights. It is either do or die. And if it is all those important main characters, even side ones, dying... well, it is not going to happen, so obviously the hax ability user has to lose in some clever way, rather than straight up combat, because in a straight up magic battle, it ends with a final kiss goodnight, literally, for anyone but her and the real Dorothy. Therefore, a clever win to trick her and somehow nullify or escape the spell was the only way to go. It is one of the side effects of hax powers. They can have anticlimactic resolutions. Oh well. At least it was intelligent teamwork and strategy through analysis, plus brilliant, if sudden, genius that saved them. Coulda been Asta's sword. He is there after all. How lazy would that have been?