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Read the topic about Black Clover Chapter 203 Discussion on BlackCloverManga, and join in the discussion. Licht and this demon are some of the absolutely most powerful beings in (at least) the clover kingdom. The demon is so strong even yami is scared. Hasn’t even been using the grimoire yet. First wizard king oh boy. It’s too bad they didn’t show if nero disappeared, or what. It looks like there’s a good chance we’ll find out next week who or what nero is. It’s, in my opinion, hard to state wether he is the first wizard king, or just some kind of envoy, or there’s still something we don’t know at all. It’s easy to forget about the magic stones, but I am curious what they are, why they were created, and for what exact purpose. Why were both the magic stone and the statue able to use them? Was the magic stone made later to exploit the same power? How would patri have even known about these. Yuno’s magic stone is almost certainly an heirloom of the first wizard king, it is definitely drawn to stand out above the others. All in all, things are definitely getting interesting now, not that they weren’t interesting already. Tabata keeps managing to bring the hype to the next level some how. So I wonder how powerful charlotte is without charla inhabiting her. I would assume she would be more in line with yami and just below nozel. I am pretty sure she is just a noble and not a royal. I would also like to know where noelle would rank on that chart.

Black Clover Chapter 203 Scan Online

Read Black Clover Chapter 203 in English High Quality only at blackcloverchapter. Where would you even put the Stones in the Emperor's Statue? I thought that Statue was just as a Memorial sort of thing,the First Emperor was said to have risked his Life to stop that Monster in the past. If he got turned to stone as a price and somehow has notches in his Figure that'd be hella convenient i feel like. Nero being able to talk is one thing,he is not a common Bird after all but this connection to the past with the Magic Emperor? Sounds a bit weird to me,although i could see it happen i'd prefer not to. You are reading Black Clover manga chapter 203 in English. Read Chapter 203 of Black Clover manga online on for free.

I don't know how to feel about the Magic Emperor coming back. If that is indeed what is about to happen. I think I'll have to wait and see how it turns out.  Mana Scale is cool. Gives us a better idea on where their powers lie. We can actually use this to measure others folks mana levels as well probably. Noelle's mana level is freaking amazing, seeing how her level appears larger than Nozel's.
Although, we should keep in mind, it only seems to measure mana amount and not the actual level of skill.

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