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Read the topic about Black Clover Chapter 177 Discussion on BlackCloverManga, and join in the discussion. I'm so proud of Noelle and her new spell is great because it covers her weakness while also still allowing her to grow further by improving her control. I also found Nozel's reasoning for his behavior interesting. It doesn't make his behavior okay, but it offers insight into the way he thinks. With his apology I hope at least he and Noelle can develop a strong sibling relationship. She does not need the Water Spirit! Clover Kingdom doesn’t need the Water Spirit, they already have two of them. Give the Water Spirit to a different Kingdom! I think the best way to do it would be give Noelle the water spirit, then have three novice spirit users with three spirits to make them seem OP but have a villain maybe from the Diamond Kingdom who has Earth but is like a very very experienced mage who could battle all three of them at once and the only way they could win is Asta intervention. Thats just how I would prefer it to play out but I like most of the direction Tabata goes so Im all for it. I’m also fine if maybe the Diamond Kingdom merged two grimoires from people with spirits creating a hybrid spirit maybe? Idk theres a lot to work with I dont think giving Noelle the water spirit would do anything terrible to the story, it could always be that Julius was talking about the four great spirits of the clover Kingdom and maybe each kingdom has their own spirits for their different magic books.

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Download Black Clover Chapter 177 You are reading Black Clover manga chapter 177 in English. Read Chapter 177 of Black Clover manga online on BlackCloverChapter for free. Noelle has become my favourite female co-protagonist since Rukia! So many great moments and now she gets a new form just like her mother. So refreshing to have a girl who can hold her own in Jump. Also, I knew Nozel was a tsundere after all. So great to see him recognizing her hard work! Solid and Nebra's reactions were priceless! So happy to see Noelle growing and working through her situations even whilst still not magically being able to fully control her magic. She can’t aim and hit her opponent as she currently is, so she came up with a plan involving something she’s capable of.

I just realize when Noelle's mother was shown in a one-panel flashback when all training to learn mana skin - The mother wore something similar to what Noelle magical armor at the end of chapter. Nice foreshadowing there, Tabata. Can blame the fast & tight pacing of the manga for that, since the same can be said about hints /blink and misses such as Henry's existence and William /Patri's dual nature literally hundred of chapters before the actual "reveal". Heck even the "reveal" about the 3rd royal family's name being Kira was like around chapter 103 or 105 (not at home right now to look it up) when the Royal King full name was shown - who would thought that was actual last name and not part of his first/middle name, especially since he's so damn pompous; one would think he added the next names on to make himself look "cooler". Noelle doesn't realize this yet I guess but shes using similar magic to her mother the one we saw in a small flashback. In that we saw a steel clad princess and now Noelle is using water and following in her footsteps. This also covers Noelle's biggest weakness close range combat and I'm assuming manuverability as well. She becomes an amazing all around type if this remains consistent. Her improvement and character is amazingly well written in comparison to others like Sakura. We see Noelle clearly advance from pure raw power and no control and attack because she didn't want to hurt others to extreme fine tuned control of an armor and weapon where the majority of Mana is controlled by her enemy. The gradual growth of Noelle and her family dynamic is one of the best written parts of the manga and hopefully in the anime we see the missing arc before the witch forest to see her development that we didn't see in the manga. This also gives me hope that we get fleshed out stories of Gordon, Gausch (Revenge arc from the guys that took their property), Charmy, and grey. We've gotten Vanessa, Magna, Luck and even Zoras developed so far. Not to mention other interesting characters such as marx. Other characters that probably get development in this arc are finral, Langris, Charlotte and maybe Leopold.